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Our vision at Play & Co.

At Play & Co., we’re passionate about creating unforgettable experiences for our clients. With a dedication to quality and safety, we offer a diverse range of inflatable products designed to elevate any event, from birthday parties to casual gatherings. Everything we do is driven by our dedication to client happiness, which makes every party rental experience with Play & Co. easy and joyful. Discover the magic of inflatable fun with us, and let us help you make your next celebration truly special.

Inflatable Bubble House Rental Fresno,CA

Our mission is spreading smiles

At Play & Co, our straightforward and effective goal is to use the strength of inflatable Fresno jump house rentals and entertainment to spread joy and happiness. Whether it’s kids giggling in our bouncy castles or the excitement of friends racing down our slides, we believe in the magic of play. We’re committed to providing high quality products and outstanding service to ensure that every event we’re a part of becomes unforgettable. Join us in our mission to create moments of pure joy and laughter that will be remembered for years to come.

Primary destination for bounce house rentals in Fresno and surrounding areas

If you’re searching for a few fun-filled activities to spice up your next event in Fresno or the nearby regions, go just a little further than Play & Co.! We’re your one-stop-store for anything enjoyable, with focus on bounce house rentals Fresno, turning any gathering into an experience you will not soon forget.  Let us now focus your interest on what makes our offerings particular and how we are able to turn your occasion into a huge accomplishment.

Our collection

Ball pit with dual slides

Why settle for just one source of fun when you can have it all? Our ball pits with dual slides increase excitement to a whole new level, seamlessly mixing the fun of a classic ball pit with the joy of sliding. Imagine the happiness on children’s faces as they go down the slides, their laughter mixing with the sound of colorful balls falling all around them. This perfect combination promises countless hours of entertainment and unforgettable memories for kids of all ages.

Ball Pit And Slide Fresco
Inflatables Bouncy Castle Rental Fresno

Inflatable bouncy castle

Our inflatable bouncy castles stand as timeless favorites, guaranteed to steal the show at any gathering or event. Picture the look of pure excitement on children’s faces as they bounce and play inside these amazing, castle-themed inflatables, their laughter filling the air with joy. Crafted with great attention to detail, each castle has a strong structure and several safety features, providing parents with peace of mind as their little ones enjoy endless hours of carefree play.

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